Leopards Courier Tracking

Welcome to Leopards Courier Tracking, where you can take charge of your parcels’ journey like never before. With our intuitive and efficient tracking system, you’re just a click away from real-time updates on your shipments. Enter your tracking number, and instantly access vital information about your package’s current location, transit status, and anticipated delivery date.

Leopards Courier

Leopard Courier is a well-known courier service in Pakistan that provides reliable and efficient delivery solutions for individuals and businesses. The company offers a comprehensive range of domestic and international courier services to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Leopard Courier Tracking is a feature provided by couriers.com.pk to enable customers to track their shipments and parcels throughout the delivery process. This tracking service allows customers to monitor the progress of their packages and obtain real-time updates on their location.

To track a shipment through Leopard Courier, customers can use our tracking system to track their parcels. They need to enter the tracking number assigned to their package at the time of booking and click on the tracking button. The system then retrieves the relevant information and displays the current status of the shipment, including the pickup, transit, and delivery details.

With Leopard Courier Tracking, customers can easily track their shipments, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. The tracking service helps customers stay informed about the whereabouts of their packages and estimate the expected delivery time. In case of any delays or issues, customers can contact Leopard Courier’s customer service for further assistance and support.

Leopard Courier’s commitment to efficient logistics, prompt delivery, and reliable tracking has made it a preferred choice for many individuals and businesses in Pakistan. The company’s extensive network of branches and dedicated staff ensures the safe and timely delivery of shipments across the country.

Leopard Tracking Options

Leopard Courier offers various tracking options to its customers, providing convenience and transparency throughout the delivery process. Here are some of the tracking options available:

Leopard Online Tracking

Customers can use our Leopard Courier tracking section. Then enter the tracking number provided at the time of booking and click on the track button. The website will display the current status and location of the shipment.

  1. Look for the “Tracking” or “Track & Trace” section on this page.
  2. Enter your tracking number in the provided field. You can find the tracking number on your receipt or waybill.
  3. Click on the “Track” or “Submit” button.
  4. The system will retrieve the latest information on your parcel, including its current location, transit status, and estimated delivery date.
  5. Review the tracking details displayed on the website to stay updated on your parcel’s progress.

Leopard Courier Tracking Through Mobile Number

In case customers face any difficulties or have inquiries regarding their shipments, they can contact Leopard Courier’s customer service at (UAN: 021 111-300-786). The customer service representatives are available to assist customers with tracking their shipments, providing updates, and addressing any concerns or issues.

These tracking options offered by Leopard Courier ensure that customers can easily monitor the progress of their shipments, allowing them to stay informed about the delivery status and estimated arrival time. The availability of multiple tracking channels caters to different preferences and convenience for customers, enabling them to choose the option that suits them best.

Leopards Courier Services

Leopards Courier Services in Pakistan provide a comprehensive range of parcel and logistics solutions tailored to meet various customer needs. Some of the key services offered by Leopards Courier include:

Express Domestic Delivery

Leopards Courier excels in providing swift and efficient domestic parcel delivery services across Pakistan. With their extensive network and streamlined operations, they ensure your packages reach their destinations in a timely manner.

International Shipping

Leopards Courier extends its services beyond Pakistan’s borders, offering international shipping solutions. Whether it’s sending packages abroad or receiving international shipments, they facilitate secure and reliable cross-border logistics.

Same-Day and Next-Day Delivery

For urgent shipments, Leopards Courier offers same-day and next-day delivery options within specific regions. This ensures that time-sensitive packages are delivered promptly to meet tight deadlines.

Leopards Bulao

Another exciting service of the Leopards Company is its Leopards Bulao offer. Using this service, you don’t need to visit the company office; just visit the official website, fill out the form with the mandatory details, and wait for a Leopards Bulao representative. He will pick up your parcel from the mentioned address.
To avail of this service, you just have to pay some extra charges (for fuel and time).

Cash on Delivery (COD)

Leopards Courier offers a Cash on Delivery service, which is particularly beneficial for businesses and e-commerce platforms. This service allows customers to pay for their orders upon delivery, enhancing convenience and trust in transactions.

Bulk Shipping Solutions

Businesses can leverage Leopards Courier’s bulk shipping solutions for their distribution needs. These services are designed to accommodate high-volume shipments efficiently and cost-effectively.

Parcel Insurance

Leopards Courier provides the option to insure parcels against loss, damage, or theft during transit. This ensures that valuable items are financially protected in case of unforeseen incidents.

Special Packaging Options

Leopards Courier offers a range of packaging options to ensure the safe and secure transport of items. Special packaging helps protect fragile and delicate items during transportation.

E-commerce Logistics

Recognizing the growing e-commerce sector, Leopards Courier offers tailored logistics solutions for online businesses. This includes pickup services, fulfillment, warehousing, and delivery management.

Customer Support

Leopards Courier emphasizes customer satisfaction through its dedicated customer support channels. Whether it’s tracking assistance, inquiries, or guidance, their support team is available to address customer concerns.

Document and Parcel Services

Leopards Courier also specializes in handling important documents, providing reliable document delivery services for individuals and businesses alike.

In essence, Leopards Courier Services in Pakistan provide a versatile range of shipping, logistics, and delivery solutions that cater to both personal and business needs, ensuring efficient and timely transportation of packages across the country and beyond.

Leopard Courier Contact Numbers

City NameContact Number

Leopard Courier Service tariff

The Company provides delivery services at comparatively reasonable rates. Domestic shipment charges The average rate for a leopard courier in Pakistan for the same city is Rs 195 for a parcel of 1 kg. For other cities, it will be around Rs 235 to Rs 250.

Leopards International shipment charges

International shipment expenses may vary from country to country. But now the customers should not be worried about that because the company knows better how to make its clients satisfied. For the convenience and amenity of its honored customers, Leopards has presented an online rate calculator.

Leopard Courier Domestic Rates

Leopard Overnight

WeightSame AreaZone-A MajorZone-B Other
500 GramsRs. 140.00Rs. 200.00Rs. 280.00
501 Grams to 1 KgRs. 190.00Rs. 260.00Rs. 340.00
Each Add. 500 GramsRs. 95.00Rs. 130.00Rs. 170.00

Leopard Yellow Box

WeightWithin CitySame ZoneOther Zone
1KgRs. 220Rs. 270Rs. 350
Each Add. Per 500 GramRs. 110Rs. 130Rs. 170
2KGRs. 320Rs. 450Rs. 600
Each Add. Per KGRs. 160Rs. 220Rs. 280
5KGRs. 700Rs. 850Rs. 1150
Each Add. Per KGRs. 130Rs. 160Rs. 200
10KGRs. 1100Rs. 1400Rs. 1900
Each Add. Per KGRs. 100Rs. 130Rs. 180
25KGRs. 1900Rs. 2500Rs. 3300
Each Add. Per KGRs. 70Rs. 100Rs. 120

Flyer Express

WeightWithin CitySame ZoneOther Zone
Up tp 500 GramsRs. 250Rs. 300Rs. 350
Up to 1 KGRs. 300Rs. 350Rs. 400
Each Add. 500 GramsRs. 170Rs. 200Rs. 200

Overland Rates

WeightZonesPricesEach Add. Per KG
Min. 10KGZone ARs. 300Rs. 30
Min. 10KGZone BRs. 400Rs. 40
Min. 10KGZone CRs. 600Rs. 60
Min. 10KGZone DRs. 800Rs. 80
Min. 10KGZone ERs. 1000Rs. 100

Leopard Economy

WeightAll ZonesEach Add. Per KG
Min 5 KGRs 650Rs. 110
10 KGRs 1100Rs. 90
25 KGRs 2250Rs. 80

Leopards Rate Calculator

This rate calculator helps you calculate the shipment charges online. This company always fulfills the needs of its customers and tries to make its system as convenient as feasible for them. So now its valuable customers can easily calculate the shipment charges according to their required service, origin area, destination, and the weight of the parcel.

LCS Insurance Policy

The Leopard Courier Company always tries to comfort its customers as much as possible. So, in this regard, the company offers its clients the opportunity to opt for insurance on their precious and invaluable goods. And it will lessen their financial loss in the case of any damage or mishap.
But the client must claim the insurance on the exact day of delivery. The company will have to pay the assertion within 7 days of case registration.

Cargoes that can’t be insured

Glass, artwork, liquids, and polished wooden furniture can’t be backed up in the event of any deterioration.


Leopard Courier emerges as a trailblazer in Pakistan’s delivery landscape, offering a comprehensive spectrum of reliable and efficient delivery solutions to both individuals and businesses. With Leopard Courier Tracking, customers gain the power to effortlessly monitor their parcels’ journey, accessing real-time updates for complete transparency. Beyond seamless tracking, Leopard Courier’s diverse services, from international shipping to same-day delivery, cater to the varied needs of its clientele. Unparalleled customer support and a commitment to secure logistics further solidify Leopard Courier’s status as a preferred choice. As it continues to redefine parcel management, Leopard Courier stands as a beacon of innovation, convenience, and trust in the world of courier services.