Pak Post UMS Rate Calculator

Planning to send a parcel within Pakistan using Pakistan Post’s Urgent Mail Service (UMS)? Look no further than our convenient UMS Calculator! Get instant quotes for your next shipment, ensuring smooth planning and budgeting.

Why Choose UMS for Your Parcel Delivery?

  • Fast and Reliable: Experience express delivery within 24-48 hours for major cities and within 72 hours for other destinations.
  • Wide Network: Reach recipients across Pakistan with UMS’s extensive network of post offices and delivery partners.
  • Secure and Trackable: Enjoy peace of mind with secure handling and real-time tracking of your parcel’s journey.
  • Cost-Effective: Calculate your exact charges upfront with our transparent UMS Calculator, ensuring budget-friendly shipping.

How to Use the UMS Calculator:

  1. Select Origin and Destination: Enter the postcodes of the sender and recipient.
  2. Specify Parcel Weight: Choose the weight of your parcel in kilograms (kg).
  3. Choose Additional Services: Opt for optional services like Cash on Delivery (COD) or Registered Mail if needed.
  4. Click “Calculate”: Get your instant UMS charges displayed based on your selections.

Understanding Your UMS Quote:

The calculator provides a breakdown of your estimated charges, including:

  • Base Fee: The standard UMS fee based on parcel weight and destination zone.
  • Fuel Surcharge: A variable charge applicable to all UMS shipments.
  • Optional Service Fees: Additional charges for chosen services like COD or Registered Mail.
  • Estimated Total: The final cost for your UMS parcel delivery.

Additional Information:

  • The UMS Calculator provides estimated charges and may not reflect exact final costs.
  • For guaranteed pricing and specific service availability, visit your nearest Pakistan Post office.
  • Refer to the official UMS Tariff guide for detailed information on weight limits, prohibited items, and service terms.

Ready to calculate your UMS charges? Start now and experience the efficiency and affordability of Pakistan Post’s UMS service!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the maximum weight limit for UMS parcels?

The maximum weight limit for UMS parcels is 30 kg.

Can I track my UMS parcel?

Yes, all UMS parcels come with a unique tracking number, allowing you to follow their journey online or through the Pakistan Post mobile app.

What are the prohibited items for UMS shipments?

Please refer to the official UMS Tariff guide for a comprehensive list of prohibited items.

Can I pay for my UMS charges online?

Currently, online payment for UMS services is not available. You can pay the charges at the time of parcel booking at your nearest Pakistan Post office.

By using the UMS Calculator and understanding the service details, you can make informed decisions for your next parcel delivery within Pakistan. Choose UMS for speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness!