Pak Post COD Rate Calculator

Sending parcels with Cash on Delivery (COD) through Pak Post is a convenient way for businesses and individuals to receive payment upon delivery. Whether you’re selling online or sending gifts, knowing the exact COD charges beforehand is crucial for budgeting and customer satisfaction. That’s where the Pak Post COD Calculator comes in!

This user-friendly tool makes calculating your COD charges quick and simple. With just a few clicks, you can determine the exact amount you’ll need to pay based on your parcel’s weight, destination, and chosen service.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps COD Calculator:

  1. Enter Your Parcel Weight: Use the slider or input field to specify the weight of your parcel in kilograms (kg). Remember, the maximum weight limit for COD parcels is 30kg.
  2. Select Your Destination: Choose the city or town where you’re sending the parcel from the drop-down menu. This ensures accurate calculations based on distance and regional rates.
  3. Choose Your Service: Pak Post offers various Express Mail Services (EMS) with COD options. Select the service that best suits your needs based on delivery speed and insurance coverage. The available options may include:
    • Urgent Mail Service (UMS): Affordable and fast delivery within 1-2 business days.
    • Express Mail Service (EMS): Reliable and secure delivery with additional features like online tracking and signature confirmation.
    • EMS Plus: Premium service offering faster delivery times and enhanced security features.

Click “Calculate”! Your personalized COD charges will be displayed instantly, including:

  • Base Shipping Charge: This covers the standard cost of transporting your parcel based on its weight and destination.
  • COD Fee: A fixed fee charged by Pak Post for handling COD transactions.
  • Insurance (Optional): Choose optional insurance for added peace of mind, and the calculator will update the total cost accordingly.
  • Total COD Amount: The final sum you’ll need to pay at the post office when sending your COD parcel.

Benefits of Using the Pak Post COD Calculator:

  • Accuracy: Get precise COD charges to avoid unexpected costs and ensure smooth transactions.
  • Transparency: Understand the breakdown of different fees associated with your COD shipment.
  • Convenience: Calculate charges anytime, anywhere, without visiting a post office.
  • Informed Decisions: Compare different service options and choose the one that best fits your budget and delivery needs.

Additional Information:

  • This calculator provides estimates based on standard rates.¬†Actual charges may vary slightly depending on specific circumstances.
  • For any further inquiries or assistance,¬†contact Pak Post customer service at 111-111-117.